MAPA Library

Education is key to the mission and ideals of the Museum of American Porcelain Art. MAPA makes its art collection accessible and enjoyable to the community and serves as a valuable resource for schools and colleges, as well as adult learners with an interest in the art form.

We also promote the rich history and legacy of the Telling Mansion and its grounds, opening it to individual and group tours. Our goal is to inspire communities everywhere to participate in the preservation of their local community assets for future generations to enjoy.

The Museum is home to a library dedicated to porcelain and other art forms. As its collection expands, it will become an increasingly important source for scholarly research. The library is in the former bedroom of William Telling and overlooks the former aviary. The aviary now houses a variety of bird porcelain figures.

The library is available to members of the Museum during normal business hours or by special appointment and may be used as a meeting space.

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As a member, you have access to a growing collection of books and other materials about porcelain art.

Support the MAPA Library

Provide support for the MAPA Library and help ensure that students and others may learn about American Porcelain Art for generations to come!

Library volunteers needed!  Do you have a background in Library Science, or a love of books and a knack for tech?  We need help sorting, logging, and organization the MAPA book collection, so that it is accessible to those wanting to learn more!


Contact Carey at or (216) 223-7024 for more information, or visit our Volunteer page!