Artists featured at mAPA

A few artists would emerge in the mid-20th century who would become known as the pre-eminent porcelain artists in America. The Museum’s collection is primarily focused on the works of five studios: Edward Marshall Boehm, Boleslaw Cybis, Laszlo Ispanky, Carl Irving Burgues, and the Bronn Studio. With varied backgrounds and introductions to the art form, each brought his own unique style and perspective and created pieces that were sought after by collectors, museums and galleries. Many of these exquisite pieces were gifted to important figures throughout the world. 


As they were produced in limited quantities, many are difficult to find, and the Museum of American Porcelain Art strives to continue to build its collection of these important works of art. We are honored to share the works of these master artists with you and to preserve them for future generations.

Edward Marshall Boehm

Boleslaw Cybis

Laszlo Ispanky

Carl Irving Burgues

Bronn Fine China, Ltd.